Brief overview of skills and qualifications to understand how I can assist your project or team.

Front End


Extensive experience with DOM element manipulation, positioning and hierarchy.

Node.js + NPM


My favourite modern package manager and engine for whichever project we're working on.

Traditional CMS


Joomla, Silverstripe or other. Can build powerful functionality to any specification.

Code Examples

Other Tools

Git, Google Analytics, DevTools, SEO, Vue.js, Ubuntu, Command line, Web animation, and more!

E.g. Regex, SSH, FTP, express.js,,  Tag manager custom dimensions, Device testing, IE11, JQuery, Lottie, Greensock, 2D Canvas, Three.js

Modern Websites


Blazing fast full-blown apps with Gatsby utilizing GraphQL compiled from a headless CMS.

Server Setup

AWS, Compute Cloud

EC2 instance setup with Nginx, SQL, and deploy hooks. Then Route 53 domains, S3 for larger files or static sites.